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Chain Pro Story

Chain Pro Tool Inc was established in 2016 to manufacture the ChainPro Tool. Chain Pro is owned and operated by Jim and Diana Davidson.

We all know that one nemesis of the trucking industry is chaining up. ChainPro was designed by a trucker to make chaining up quicker and easier. ChainPro has many benefits that will make this job easier — a must have tool for all trucks driving in winter and muddy conditions.

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Reviews of the Chain Pro Tool

The Chain Pro Tool is fantastic! When I first came across the tool online, I recall saying out loud “this is awesome”! If you have ever been required to apply tire chains, on the side of a mountain or in the trenches in a mud filled site, you know how frustrating this process can be. The Chain Pro Tool allows your hands to access points safely, while the tool does more of the “heavy lifting”. Additionally, the features to be able to pull the 5th wheel lock, utilize to inspect push rod travel, are fantastic as well. I am very excited to share the Chain Pro Tool with my network!

— Josh Hannaberry, Transportation Consultant — Pivotal Transportation Compliance

The tool arrived in only two days after ordering. It is very robustly built and I can't see how it would ever break. I will update everyone on how well it works, since I just got home from work and haven’t had a chance to try it, but I have a good feeling it will work as good for me as it does in the videos.

— Peter Edwards

Awesome product, great support. Makes putting on chains so much easier.

— Jaymes Fenske

When it comes to chaining up, you’ll definitely want the pro!

— Lawrence William

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